Wednesday, September 30, 2015


All those shapes.
All those colors.
All those smiles.

We made girls
with green hair 
or were they rays of sunshine? 
We made letters
while noticing that there were numbers there, too.
(see the 36?) 
Funny how one thing hides within another,
or pretends to be something else entirely.
Larry really liked the lower case b transforming itself, without much help, into a 6
We sat and studied it for a long time.

The girls seemed able to do the task while seated.
Those two blue shapes made a bow
just like the one in her hair. 
They were also wings, which flew around her head.

And, there were smiles. 
Just putting the dot on the J was cause for joy.
And why not?
We're getting smarter every day, and that is fun.


  1. My little guy LOVES tangram puzzles. He plays them with Osmo ( on an iPad. What I like about the tangrams on Osmo is that they give clues and help you with the designs. It keeps him on his toes. If you are looking for a great gift for FlapJilly, you should look at Osmo. All three of my kids love it.

    Megan xxx

    1. And how did you know I'd begin my holiday shopping today?!? Just came home from Costco with some stuff, and now will discuss with SIR and Little Cuter the Osmo gizmo :)


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