Thursday, September 17, 2015

One of Those Days

It hasn't rained since yesterday afternoon.  The clouds are cumulonimbus, very large and very dense and very grey and flat on the bottom.  The sky is Carolina Blue.  There's enough humidity to keep my cuticles from shrinking, but not so much that I can't take a deep breath.

It's one of those days when everything is perfect.

The desk on which I type to you is neat and as tidy as it's ever going to get.  I have come to terms with my need for a decent amount of clutter; I've decided that it's okay.  My piles are contained rather than sprawling, and that seems to make all the difference.

It's one of those days when my workspace invites me to join the party.

I spent a productive hour in the gym this morning, and another equally productive one at Pilates this afternoon.  I'm not where I want to be, but I'm much closer than I've ever been.  I'm doing the work and now I can see results.  It helps when the nerve endings are reconnected and I can actually engage the deepest parts of my musculature.

It's one of those days when my body is responsive and relatively pliable.

JannyLou and I had small chicken caeser salads for lunch, feeling very healthy as we cataloged the woes of those we love... and those we tolerate.  We're continually impressed by the resilience shown by others.... and ourselves.  We've each faced death and turned our backs on her; we're allowed to feel good about ourselves.  And we do.  It's not braggadocio or egotistical.  It's true.

It's one of those days where the truth is worth looking at.

Too often, we have rotten days, days filled with angst and worry, days that don't turn out the way we expected.  Too often, the mundane becomes acceptable.  Too often, we forget to look around and notice the wonder.

It's one of those days when the sun came up and I was here to see it.... by definition, a good day.

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