Tuesday, September 29, 2015


There, I said it.  I want to go back to paper and pencil.  NOW.

Last week, I wanted to share photos of the scholars in the kindergarten classroom, cutting and coloring and concentrating.  They were, theoretically, uploaded to Dropbox, which meant that they should be accessible here, on Lenore the Lenovo.  They existed in New Folder in Dropbox on my phone. Yet, they were no where to be found in Lenore.

I searched everywhere.  I screamed.  I stormed around the house.  I searched again.  I checked the phone and reassured myself that I had not totally lost my mind.  They were on the phone in Dropbox but not in Dropbox on the computer. It took days for them to be accessed on the laptop.

Lenore has it in for me.

I have a meeting tomorrow.  The information is in the GRIN inbox.  Lenore has decided that This webpage is not available.  Did all of Go Daddy! disappear over night?  I don't think so.  I found it on my phone readily enough... although working from my phone is hardly convenient.

There have been other issues, too.  Words With Friends will not load on Lenore.  Links do not open automatically; This webpage is not available is my only answer to the clicks.  I tried to use System Restore, which has saved me in the past, but apparently Lenore the Lenovo required me to set up System Restore.  My other computers set up automatic restore points.  Lenore did not. The first date to which I can return is today, when it's already too late.

I'm toast.  I'm screwed.  I'm aggravated.

I wanted to make the kids an anniversary card, but the photos I needed were no where to be found, though I know they are in here.  I suppose I shouldn't have cleaned out my gmail folders; I deleted the card I could have used as a template.


There was something about replacing a broken laptop in my warranty. Right now I am ready to accidentally run this one over with my car.... or toss it from a great height.... or spill breakfast lunch and dinner on it.

It deserves nothing better.


  1. You've probably heard this a zillion times, but every time someone has an issue with a computer, I suggest they get a MAC. They are intuitively easier to use. I know that doesn't solve your issues now, but it might down the road. Apple offers free one-on-one training. Regarding Dropbox, you may need to sync your account from your phone to your computer. It sounds like you are backing up your photos from your phone, but cannot access on your laptop. If you open Dropbox on your laptop and then click on the settings wheel, there is a setting in there to sync. If you click on preferences in there, you can do an import from your phone. Ping me if this doesn't make sense. I use Dropbox all the time and have all of my photos back up there.

    Megan xxx

  2. I'm with Megan, Apple all the way.

  3. Little Cuter said the same thing to me yesterday, when SKYPE wouldn't load. "We need to get you an Apple device so we can Facetime." There may be something to this!


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