Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Still Scary, After All These Years

Amster and I took the boys to see Jaws this weekend.

The show was supposed to be outside, but the weather people frightened the movie people into moving everything into The Loft's main theater.

With The Wonderfuls in tow, we dined al fresco over pizza and beer
(okay, I was the only one with a beer....)
on the patio, then made our way past the concession stand and settled in on the aisle.

I still need to sit on the aisle; burying myself in the middle of the middle hasn't been an option since public spaces became scary places.  But cuddled next to Mr. 10, a willing recipient of my hugs and rubs and squeezes and other forms of love and terror, eased the bitch back into her corner.

Anyway, I convinced myself, a little bit of fear was an appropriate accompaniment to Jaws.

"Listen to the music," was my answer each time Mr. 10 worried that something was going to happen.
I'd forgotten how long it took before Bruce, the mechanical shark, made his first appearance.
There were plenty of opportunities for him to hid hid head against his knees, his shirt pulled over the whole thing.  

He revealed, on the way home, that his shirt was translucent.
I can understand the need for a filter between terror and my soul.
It's no wonder I love this kid.

Mr. 12 and the youngest Wonderful sat in the first row.
"You have no idea how scary it is to see this movie unless you've seen that shark from the front row,"
was Mr. 12's assessment.  The boys raced up the aisle at the end, eager to share their delight.

"Were you scared?!?!?""
"Of course, I was scared! It's as terrifying now as it was 40 years ago."

The grey haired couple in the row we were passing nodded their agreement.
I'd forgotten the wonder of sharing a really good movie with a theater full of people.
Clapping and shrieking and cheering is much more satisfying when shared with a crowd.

"THAT was a good movie!"
Sure, it's Spielberg.
Sure, it's the first real summer blockbuster movie.
Sure there are iconic lines and scenes.
But, bottom line, it' a good movie.
That's when a 12 year old and his mother and his adult friends and his younger brother all agree.

Have you seen this logo at the movies or on TV?
"That's some bad hat, Harry," is the voice over.
Did you know it came from Jaws?
When this fellow interrupts Sheriff Brody's beachy brooding about sharks, all he can say is
"That's some bad hat, Harry." 

I thought you'd like to know.


  1. It's funny you mentioned a movie from 40 years ago. Poltergeist is on Netflix and my daughter asked what it's about. Hubby told her and I told her even though I saw it a long time ago, it still scares the Hell out of me. Some movies do that. Jaws is another one for me.

    Sounds like you had fun with the boys though and that's the most important thing.

    Sending hugs!

    Megan xxx


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