Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Snippet

I told her she could ask, so I couldn't be angry with her.

Of course, feel free to ask me a personal question.

I just didn't expect her to ask the one question I ask myself to which I have no answer.

"Did you fall on top of her body?"

I wish I knew.  I wish someone knew.  There are no pictures, no memories extant from those who were there, and I have blocked those moments from my conscious brain.  I like to believe that I am not the kind of person who would leave a child behind in an effort to save myself, and the fact that I know we were holding hands as the bullets began flying lets me believe Little Cuter's interpretation of the pulling-my-arm-across-my-body action I repeated while recuperating - You know, Mama, that way you said Come On! 

I answered.  They offered opinions on whether I should view the FBI's photographic evidence.... uniformly against it, if you wondered.... and they stared with open eyes and open mouths and, I hope, open hearts.

Mine was certainly out there.... raw.... exposed....

I'm closing the comments for this one.