Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Strolling the Mercado

Brenda Starr and I walked a new neighborhood on Sunday.
The Mercado is built at the western-most terminus of Tucson's new Modern Streetcar.

It channels The Old Barrio, where Brenda Starr will take me on our next perambulation.

On Sunday, we walked and were amazed.
There were flowers
and artistic plantings

and bright colors on a gloomy day.

The doorways were welcoming

and interesting

and the colorful houses made us smile.
The windows had detailed ironwork from which rastra chains
or cacti

The gorgeous metal work was evident on more than window boxes and grates. 
This trellis will maintain the sanctity of the structure while displaying the flora and will look elegant until it's covered with vines.  The corrugated metal fencing is a delightful shade of green.

There is neighborhood greenery

and water reclamation systems to maintain the personal greenery. 
Care is taken with every detail.
This is the most attractive downspout I've ever seen.
It empties into a downward sloping sidewalk which ends in a planting area.
We save every drop of water, even in urban hardscape.
This is a clever, uncovered, dual parking garage. 
There are empty lots if you'd like to build.
The one house for sale is listed at $579,000.
It has two bedrooms and a guest house over the garage.
After walking for 50 minutes without sitting (our new personal best) we settled in for coffee and conversation.

Of course, there were sweets to be had, as well.
We shared stories, admired well-behaved dogs, bought ourselves tea strainers,
and made plans for next weekend.
It was a perfect Sunday.
Had the Wildcats won on Saturday night, I might have considered it a perfect day.


  1. Holy Cow! I had no idea this existed. We'll have to get on the bikes and mount an expedition to see this. Beautiful pictures of my favorite architecture. Have you been to the Lost Barrio? It's small (very small) but there are some interesting stores there - decorating stuff. The Historic Barrio is just a treat.

    1. Developers bought the land when the streetcar plans were made. It's totally bike friendly, including the plaza with the shops/restaurants/cafes. I know you'll enjoy it!

  2. Love your photos. I want to explore this area more. I hope the people come to the businesses.

    1. Thanks, Carole. The merchants said that the weekends are packed, tho weekdays are slower. On Sundays, it's usually hard to get a seat. Tucson needs neighborhood places like these.


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