Monday, April 21, 2014

El Barrio Viejo

Brenda Starr and I walked for fifty minutes on Easter Sunday.
It would be more accurate to say that we were erect and not sitting for fifty minutes
because we stopped quite often so that I could take pictures. 
There were pictures of doors.
Yes, they have saw blades on their door. 
Recycling materials is common in The Old Barrio.
This garage door looked like repurposed wood to us,
and the tin fencing certainly seemed to have led another life before coming to rest alongside it.
This was on a boarded up building.
Again, reusing old materials makes for an interesting texture.

And there were pictures of windows.

There was open space
often in surprising places. 

and there were fabulous places to sit. 
Are you intrigued and amused and enticed by the colors?
Come back on Wednesday and see the Houses, Old and New edition of our walking tour.


  1. LOVE the teal door. You have me excited to see the rest. I love it when items can find a new life through recycling.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

    Megan xxx

  2. It was one surprise after another, one right after the other, old and new and all making me smile! Happy to share the recycling with you!

  3. I also like that area and have photographed it a lot. Did you photograph the two shrines there? El Tiradito is one and I am not sure I remember the name of the other but it also has candles, a bench to sit and a madonna figure. They had done more to decorate around it my last time there.

    1. There's a shrine to two little boys killed by a drunk driver. It's a corner park, with candles, pictures, mementos and flowers on the shrine, benches, flowers, doggies and expository signage, too. We hung out with a long haired chihuahua and her owner under the trees. We'll go back and I'll look for El Tiradito, too.


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