Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Good Grooming

I ended yesterday's post with my manicure.  That's where I'm starting today.

They look as wonderful as I feel was aspirational when I typed it.  The manicure was a day away.  Now, as my fingers fly over the keyboard, there are turquoise fingertips distracting me from anything meaningful I might have ventured to say.

Turquoise.  Little Cuter's age cohort did this in middle school, I think.  I thought it was awful.  Yet, today, my eye chose this color without question, without much searching, with only the tiniest soupcon of doubt... doubt which was quickly assuaged by the woman in the pedicure chair across the aisle who announced, to no one in particular, that she lo-o-o-o-ved that color.

Thiu, whose nails these are in the way that the my hip belongs to the orthopedic surgeon, thought the color was lovely, too.  I do not dare to disagree with her opinion; she's been tending to my nails since the first year we lived here... which makes her my oldest friend in town..... or certainly the one I see most regularly.

Anyone who sees the same hairstylist over a prolonged period of time (cf G'ma and Maureen, a 30 year love affair) knows what I mean.  She's had babies and enrolled kids in school and done my daughter's wedding party.  She found out she was pregnant the day I was shot.  She's heard me moan and groan and knows just when to listen and when to laugh.  Our lives are entwined; today we decided that her three year old son should marry Flapjilly.

Don't laugh, Little Cuter.  Vietnamese culture demands that the groom's family pay for both the bride's and the groom's wedding ceremonies.... including clothes and rings and necklaces.  From where your father and I are sitting, that's a good deal!

But, I digress.

My hands and fingers and arms and shoulders are well massaged and lotioned.  My nails are of an even length and my cuticles are unobtrusive. I shared having-a-pregnant-daughter stories and she bragged about her seven year old's ability to read both the English and Vietnamese newspapers.  Keeping the culture strong is her goal. "But my kids, they were born in America, and they are Americans....... maybe Little Cuter and SIR will pay for the wedding......"

It was a wonderful afternoon.


  1. I paint my toenails, but not my fingernails as the paint chips too quickly and looks terrible. My toes, for some odd reason, seem to hold the paint much better.

    A year or so I attended a birthday party and the favors included two bottles of blue nail polish, one light, one dark. My granddaughter loves these colors and has me paint her fingers and toes every time she comes. She also chooses a dark pink for one finger on each hand. She likes to mix it up that way.

  2. Way to go. I love them.

  3. I get shellac on my fingers. The manicure lasts two weeks without chipping even if I cook or do laundry or dishes. .... All those nasty little things that usually run roughshod over my nails.


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