Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Random Thoughts - The Lost and Found Edition

The leak still exists in the back planting bed.  I dug, I scraped, I pushed, I pulled and I managed to extricate the tubing from its space securely pinned beneath a tiny concrete ledge.  There's a goof plug which leaks and tubing-to-an-emitter which leaks and the simples thing is to replace the large tubing but the big roll I thought was living on the corner of the storage rack is nowhere to be found.

I'll buy some more and fix the problem, but I really wonder where it has gone.
Big Cuter and I spent a very productive hour in his closet today.  Every box came down off the shelf or out from under the hanging clothes.  I consolidated and eliminated and labeled and smiled when he wondered if it was deja vu or if, in fact, we had done this once before. 

I didn't tell him that we'd done it twice before.  Instead, I explained the serial nature of culling your possessions - multiple times poring through the stuff, being more and more ruthless with each purge.

He decided to keep the sweatshirt announcing he was a SENIOR, even though he'll never wear it again.  He tossed the caps and hats, which I'll wash and give away.  We taped up and marked the boxes holding the Construx and the Dinosaurs and TBG's metal castle from his own childhood. 

Now, if I could only find the Legos.  I know they are someplace, because Mr 8 and 10 enjoy them.  I just don't know where they are.  So, the creations made by my little friends will decorate a shelf in Big Cuter's closet until the master collection can be located.
I'm trying to go through the boxes I saved from G'ma's pod castle.  They are filled with sentimentality and kitsch... like the soapstone Inuit fisherman in his canoe, a relic of their cruise to Alaska. 

I moved the pencils and rulers and highlighters and pens and safety pins to my desk, where they will be used.  I took all the tchotchkes and settled them on the shelves in Little Cuter's room.  My plan is to send one to each of G'ma's great-grandchildren when they are born.  They will never know her, but they will have an item to cherish.

Or lose.  I won't care.  The stuff will be someone else's problem.
I could riff for twenty sentences on the number of lost socks which are sitting in a pile in the corner of my closet.  I keep hoping to find the mates.  I'm a dreamer.
I started the planting season with four pairs of pruners.  One was from G'ma, and still retained Daddooooo's sharpened edge.  One was slightly too big for my fingers.  One had a small blade for tiny neat cuts and one had a larger, more powerful blade for thicker stems.

This morning, collecting a pail and gloves first, I looked in vain for something with which to deadhead the petunias.  From four, I am now down to one. 

Were I paranoid, I'd wonder about a thieving gremlin in my midst.
I am now the proud owner of five size K crochet hooks.  Two were G'ma's, the other three I purchased.  Why?  Because I don't like to leave a store without being certain that I have everything I need.  The hooks cost $1.75.  I cannot seem to find them in the place I thought I left them and so I continue to buy more of them. 

Sometimes it's not a thieving gremlin.  Sometimes it just me being careless.
I had plaid sunglasses which garnered many a compliment.  They are lost.

I had a green Camelback water bottle which fit perfectly in my favorite fanny pack, never leaking a drop.  It is lost.

I have so many single socks..... but you do, too, I bet, so I won't belabor the point.

I have bonsai scissors which are missing.

My turquoise dangly earrings are gone.

This is beginning to border on the absurd. 


  1. Someday I will find "someplace safe where I will be sure to remember where I put this down", and lo it will be full of all those small things I wanted to be absolutely certain I would be able to find in the future.
    Until that day, I will simply accept the safety of those items and wonder why I didn't simply put them somewhere I could see them.

    1. Remember when G'ma and Daddooooo hid the silver before they went to Europe? It was years before they came upon the hidey hole in the bathroom closet where it had been stashed. G'ma said what you do: At least they are safe!
      (ant suzi)


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