Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Random Thoughts

It's all been said and I agree with everything - NBA Commissioner Silver did an admirable job in sanctioning Clippers' owner Sterling whose racism was finally public enough to demand attention.  The larger question, why his predecessor did nothing about behaviors which were well-known if not as well-publicized, remains unaddressed.

Isn't that the way of things, though?  We look for a quick fix to solve our immediate discomfort, and then we move on.
NPR told me that there are rudimentary oil-cans-filled-with-industrial chlorine-bombs being dumped on Syrians.  They don't need much technical skill to put together, so it's possible that the insurgents could be making them except they must be dropped by helicopters and the al Assad regime are the only players with those.

Imagine it, as I am right now.  You look up to see what the noise is and discover it is destruction, fire, the wrath of your government.

Every time I begin to lose hope in America, every time I bemoan the Koch brothers pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into my Congressional race, I need to pause .... and remember those flaming oil cans.
There's an interminable road project along my usual travels.  Once it is completed, I'll be able to circumvent many lights and much congestion.  Now, it is creating progress-impeding 15mph zones and enough wet dirt between the paved and the unpaved sections that I didn't take a chance on stopping up by the sign, in the mud, this morning.  I didn't want to get stuck.

I did see some workers today, which is unusual.  The County paid the general contractor, but he neglected to pay his sub-contractors so the subs stopped working.  They've resumed, in fits and starts, but some issues go unresolved.

Take, for example, the fact that there has not been a street sign at the intersection of La Canada and Chula Vista for two months.  I didn't need the sign when the church and its billboard were on the opposite corner.  But the road construction has pushed them out of sight and thus out of mind and even though I know that I should turn after the bridge, I'm more of a words person than a landmark person and I'd really appreciate it if someone from the Department of Transportation would take care of it.
My gladiolus bulbs are doing quite well in the irrigated pots, and not as well in the hotter, dryer soil.  Unfortunately, I see the soil planted ones more than the containered ones.  I've been watching the leaves poke through the ground cover stones and grow a foot or so and there they have remained, neigher sending up flower parts nor growing any taller.

Some are turning brown, giving up before they ever began.

If I weren't so peeved about the critters munching on my zinnias in the bed on the other side of the pony wall from the glads, I'd do something about it.
Thanks for listening, denizens.  Sometimes I just need to get these things off my chest.

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