Friday, July 1, 2011

G'ma and the Electric Chair, part deux

As  I began typing my responses to yesterday's comments I realized that I was writing today's post.   Once again, you are there when I need you, denizens.  Thanks for the prompts.

It all began when I  MS said...

Those chairs are amazing, aren't they? My MIL has problems with her back and sits in a Lazy Boy, but thinking she might have to get one of the new electric ones---and you've just given me an idea for Christmas. 
I flashed back to shopping for Nannie in her last years.  Sweaters and jewelry and activities were no longer useful.  Flannel nightgowns with large armholes were searched for and wrapped with love.  They were practical because she would get pleasure from something new in her every day routine.  I think a new Lazy-Boy is a great holiday gift.
Megan goes on to 
Hope G'ma likes her new toy. :)
and that is exactly what she is doing.  I tried to give her directions but she was having too much fun to listen. I suggested - okay, I scrunched my face and said in a firm tone of voice - that she keep pushing the toggle switch so that she could.... and I never got to finish my sentence because she interrupted me with a beaming smile on her face asking
Why???  I'm having such a good time!
Yes, as Happy Days said...
Perfection, sometimes, comes at a high price... they say...the chair is priceless...

Ever practical, Nance wondered

Where did I hear that Medicare would pay for one?
and my mind has already moved on to asking the doctor for a prescription.  With her fragile shoulders and lack of lower body or core strength, getting up by pushing down on her palms was the only way she could arise.  This wizardly thing, in Nance's words, gives her enough assistance that she need only hold the toggle switch until her feet touch the ground.

Of course, the rising foot rest pushes her walker just out of reach.  Once again, a solution has created another problem.  I'll have to put the grabber within sight this afternoon.  She can use that toy to grab her wheeled device and if it doesn't sound to you that I am describing the behavior of a pre-schooler then please tell me how you got there.  

I'm sitting here fretting about where my mother naps and then I remember the rest of Nance's comment

My mother, who had terrible insomnia, took her catnaps in her chair and, eventually, just couldn't abide a bed (so to speak). Now, why on earth would I think that a bad thing? "What's actually wrong with it?" I wonder today. Oh, brother.
Oh, brother, indeed.  G'ma makes no decisions, deferring her menu choices, her physician choices, her care to me.  Why would I presume to undercut  acted independently?And why on earth do I get to have an opinion on where my mother rests her head, anyway?  At a certain point, I have to step back.

Nerthus reminded me that 

Humor helps in so many ways.
and like her, I wonder 
What do people without a sense of it do? :-)
If I didn't laugh, I'd cry.  

But, like Karina, 
I want one of those!
before I indulge in a great big cry.

Am I happy?  Sad?  Worried?  Thrilled? 



  1. I giggled at this post because being the brilliant writer you are, you were able to encompass all of our comments yesterday into an engaging read. You never cease to amaze me.

    Have a good weekend.

    Megan xxx

  2. What Megan said!!

    My aunt ordered one of those "push up" chairs; thinking it would be free - but she found out differently!

  3. I had no idea these chairs existed, but am glad to know for future reference.....
    I am very relieved that you found something safe that she can (mostly) operate. xoxo

  4. I too want one...the tippy forward kind!

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