Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Random Thoughts

Big Cuter mentioned that he really liked these posts. After all these months of feeling guilty for foisting snippets upon you, my willing readers, my kid tells me that he thinks they are some of my best posts. Really. Is it because they are like spending an afternoon with me, my brain flitting from one subject to another, with my listeners barely able to keep up since I don't announce when I am changing paragraphs?

Apparently. I'm perfectly clear on where I am and where I am going and yet the men in my life often have issues when they try to keep up. Seret and The Bride and I once sent TBG into the bedroom with a headache.... we never finished a topic before moving on to the sidebar which was more fascinating at the time and yet we always knew what we were talking about even if he didn't.

They are just wired differently. That's all. No judgment implied.
I'm wondering why the world hasn't exploded. Economic chaos is predicted and yet no one is worried. Why am I the only one who's stockpiling bottled water and canned goods and matches? I have my battery radios and my hand crank radios and my cars are never less than nearly full of gas.

When I told my kids that bad things would happen if they didn't act in a civilized fashion they knew that I meant it.
I believed Mr. Obama when he told me that my fan was about to be covered in excrement. Now, it seems that there might be some wiggle room and he wants me to complain to Congress. I want leadership and I'm watching political maneuvering.
I'm in a bit of a pickle, because I have no representative in Congress at this moment (sigh) but it doesn't seem to matter. We're being held hostage by pipsqueaks, and the grown-ups are afraid to get involved.

Perhaps they ought to move to Tucson and see how it's done.
I don't understand why no one is explaining in plain English the connection between the dysfunctional family approach to economic planning currently being practiced In Washington, the jittery financial markets and perception of the credit worthiness of the USofA... yes, someone should take those pieces and show those who think we shouldn't raise the debt ceiling just how quickly their variable rate mortgages and credit card interest rates and car loans and student loans start to cut deeper into their cash flow as credit becomes tighter.

It's all connected, people.
The Norwegian shooter who solved his problems with weaponry instead with words killed to avoid the Muslim invasion of Europe. He's Norwegian born. He's every bit as blonde as you imagine him to be and no I won't be writing his name or showing his picture because he doesn't deserve any more notoriety. One thing he is not is Muslim.

These facts did not stop American news outlets from warning me that Islamic terrorists were on the rampage once again.

Or not.

You'd think that after 9/11 and 1/8/11 I'd have learned not to trust the first reports on any crisis. Speed will trump accuracy every day. But getting it this wrong must set some kind of record.
I don't know how I manage to keep a smile on my face as I consider the sorry state of America today. Perhaps it has something to do with being here to see the sun rise.

I recommend that as an attitude if the situation gets you down.


  1. I've stopped watching the news the past month. I'm in DC and I'm sick of it myself. The only "news" I watch is the Daily Show. If I watched the news, I think I would start crying or want to throw something at the TV. Plasmas are expensive to replace. ;)

    Maybe many people are just tired of it all or maybe it's because it's summer? I don't really know... but I find myself being apathetic about it all.

    Love the fan reference....

    Hope you are hanging in there.

    Megan xxx

  2. "We're being held hostage by pipsqueaks, and the grown-ups are afraid to get involved."
    My sentiments exactly! I don't watch the news - I get too upset.

  3. My dear, you are very welcome to write to my two senators and my representative. All of their names have figured prominently at one time or another in budget balks and debt chicken. Since they are currently playing huge roles in all of our futures, my congresspersons are your congresspersons.

    Lindsey Graham
    Jim DeMint

    Representative Tim Scott

    I took the liberty of pretending you've got my zip code, to access Tim Scott's site. He's a tea partier with some waffle in his direction. Go for it!

    At our house, we're trying to make contact with the old Mobe organizers from the Vietnam War Moratorium days. You know those folks have got to be chomping at the bit.

  4. There's more than one way to have a vacant seat in Congress. At least it's respectable to have one if the congresswoman is recovering from a bullet wound.

    The congressman for my district has been there in body but his mind and groping hands have been somewhere else. At least Gabby's staff seem to be working hard to carry on as much of her work as they can. My congressman has no staff. They walked out en mass a few months ago and quit. He is being forced to resign and I say it's about time. He's an embarrassment to our district and the state of Oregon.

  5. John Stewart ... sneaky ways to contact Congress ... disgust with the whole situation.... I do so LOVE my denizens :)

    Just wondering... is there anyone out there who disagrees?


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