Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Thoughts

Baseball is a sport which should be played outside.  Watching the All Star Game (or The ASG as the cognoscenti would have it) at Chase Field was cool and comfortable and weird.  There was a small city under that roof, with chairs for everyone who lived in my hometown.  There was grass and there was dirt and there were birds and we were inside and comfortable and it felt very strange.

Of course, I'm not sure that we'd have been at the game at all had it been outside; the temperature hit triple digits when we entered and was not much cooler when we left
I haven't seen G'ma in a while; I forgot that she was my destination yesterday afternoon and ended up at the grocery store instead.  

I think I'm avoiding dealing with her electric chair.  The caregivers are amused by the fact that she forgets about the footrest and the reclining back.  They find her sitting upright with her feet propped on her walker.  She says she's comfortable.  She doesn't want to disturb herself and practice with the controller.  They are at a loss.  I now have something new over which to obsess: I gave away my mother's couch and now she's even more confused than before.  

I'm wondering when the Democrats will stop eating their young.  President Obama has had 2 years to clean up a mess which took 8 years to build (okay.... 16 if you want to blame Bill Clinton for thinking that everybody should own a home).  Sure it's a jobless recovery.  Sure people are out of work; I am related to many of them.  But think about the alternative:

Not only does she think that the Founding Fathers abhorred slavery, she demonstrates an epic fail here in her attempt to tell Fox News that President Obama is audacious.  Of course, any New Yorker - Jewish or not - could pronounce chutzpah with the appropriate throat gargle, but listening to Michele Bachmann choo choo choo her way through it shows that she certainly can't.  
Betty Ford was laid to rest in the Gerald R. Ford Museum.

I do not want to spend eternity in a museum, and I am surprised that my favorite-until-I-met-Michelle Obama-first-lady-of-all-time thought she'd be comfortable there.  Perhaps she liked the  idea of being around people on a regular basis.  I always imagined that she'd be a great girlfriend. I know that besides demystifying addictions and breast cancer and being comfortable with the fact that her kids smoked weed, she gave the best marital advice I've ever heard:
Give 70%.  Expect 30%.  


  1. AB,

    Loving the quote from Betty Ford. I'm going to keep that one in the back of my head whenever my husband is annoying the heck out of me. LOL.

    Thanks for the video of the woman that is totally bat-sh*t crazy. I cannot even stand to hear her talk. She and that other woman potential presidential candidate make me cringe every time I see them. I know I'm going to be listening to some sort of verbal word salad and wasting five minutes of my life I cannot get back.

    You truly have to wonder if they just talk to hear themselves talk and how they ever got by in school. Unless they have learned to totally BS their way through everything...

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Megan xxx

  2. I've been enjoying your writing for several months now.

    The image of your mom sitting upright in her electric chair with her feet propped on her walker made me chuckle in a dark humor sort of way. My 90 year old mother has been living with us for almost six years. Her Alzheimer's isn't too bad...mainly profound short term memory loss. Still there are many irritations and it helps my husband and I to see the humor when we can.

    I see you're looking for some listening suggestions. Have you tried Chris Smither or Amos Lee?


  3. Hi, Pat :) Welcome to Comments! Profound short term memory loss is G'ma's issue, too. Glad you could share the laughter about the chair... it's laugh or cry and why waste the tears? She'll still be propping those feet up :(

    I will make Pandora stations for Chris Smither and Amos Lee and I'll let you know what I think. Thanks for the suggestion... and for reading the sidebar!

  4. I enjoy your wide-ranging thoughts and comments. And it seems I rarely disagree. Betty Ford was one unique lady, and we certainly could use more like her today. She is such a stark contrast to the women of her party making their voices heard now, making a mockery of politics and intelligent debate.
    Thank You!

  5. You posted a political video! (Please don't tell me you've done it before and I missed it.)

    This was a nice, just visitin' kind of post.

    G'ma and her electric chair are like my dad with his cordless phones. Mr. Mature got him four, in all over time, and with each one, as long as we were there doing the demo, he seemed to get it. When we left, he tried changing a channel or two and promptly lost it.

    Comes a day when we just get beyond being able to learn something new. Sometimes, I think I'm already mostly there. If I'm ever going to learn to use a kindle or a smart phone, I'd better jump on it. G'ma can say her kids got her a fancy new blue chair. She's comfortable. There isn't anything else to know, I suppose.


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