Cast of Characters

Ashleigh Burroughs, proprietor and perpetrator of The Burrow; all rights reserved 

The people most immediately in my life right now:
the Big Cuter, my 20-something San Francisco dwelling son

the Little Cuter, his younger sister, and

her husband, who is and always will be  SIR, formerly my SonInRent and now my SonInRealityin Chicago's suburbs. 

His parents, MOTG, Mother of the Groom, and Big BOBhis dad.

G'ma, my 90 year old mother, who lives in a pod-castle 2 miles down the road here in  

Tucson, Arizona, where I live with 

TBG, TheBigGuy, my sweetie, my friend, and certainly my better self since college at

Others who make the occasional appearance
The Family I Created
  • Amster, and her sons, Mr. 7 and Mr. 9
  • Elizibeth, a bonus teen with a big heart and spelling issues and her little sister, Miss Texas
  • The Big Cheese  and The Little Cheese, professors and friends,  & Aged Parm, his mother
  • Chicago Gal, a Happy Ladies Club bowling buddy
  • Douglas, our couch
  • MTF, MyTrueFriend, from college, but really from high school
  • Not-Kathy, and her parents, Bert & Ernie 
  • Roomie, a high school friend, rediscovered
  • The Crayolas, neighbors and parents of  C.T.G. and her brother, Texas
  • Seret and Mr. Dreamie-Cakes, anchored in Chicago, and her ex-husband The Catcher and their daughter, The Bride, my faux daughter and her husband, The Pharmacist
  • The Golden Gopher and Big Steve and  Dr. K from graduate school
  • FAMB, my locker partner since 7th grade
  • Maid Marian, who married The Crush, about whom we both fantasized all through junior high and high school
  •  Orb Ckrob, that rare human who was equally TBG's friend and my friend, too.  
  • The Ballerina,  who left Arkansas for Oklahoma to go to college and was considered an adventurer by her hs friends.  My sister in Marin.
The Family I Inherited
  • Auntie M, TBG's sister
  • Bubba and Zaydeh, G'ma's, mother and father
  • Daddooooo, my father 
  • Nannie, TBG's mother, and Grandpaw, TBG's father
  • Princess Myrtle; IntrepidCat; Niece, theYoungest  nieces extraordinaire


  1. Hi - My brother, Stanley, found out via FB that Susan Hileman was Susie Annis.We grew up on Benjamin Road across the street from your mom. I just want to let you know that I am sending healing energy her way - and to all of you. Wishing you all hope and strength.
    Karen Rakofsky

  2. "Barns bunt down--
    I can see the moon"


  3. Just that I love you and Wilson T. But remember, Serpintine!

  4. When is "Elizibeth" going to be on here?

  5. aw, you're in Tucson! I'm in Phx (well, NE Mesa, actually)! I hardly met anyone else from AZ at BlogHer. :)

  6. Mr. 7 and Mr. 5 are now Mr. 9 and Mr. 7

  7. That I really like a person as well as Wilson Capital t. However keep in mind, Serpintine!

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