Friday, April 19, 2024

Summer is Coming

My bluebells are spent.  They now look red on the bottom and white on the top and scruffy all over. They really need to go.  The gardeners aren't coming for two more weeks and these guys will only get worse over time.  Obviously, it's a chore for me.

I started on it on Monday.  I filled a giant blue IKEA bag with plants I pulled from the ground.  They released quite easily, their root systems apparently designed for a short lived burst of color rather than as an anchor for a long and prosperous life.

Bending over wasn't difficult.  I started with the Nanny Pose, my mother-in-law's stiff legged, bent at the waist with arms dangling method.  TBG always described it with laughter.  I look at it as the first step in getting all the way down there.

I moved on to the Bent Knee Nanny, then took it to the ground.  On a foam kneeling pad, I sat in High Kneeling, letting my arms swing around me, grabbing what I could easily reach.  That devolved into sitting back on my heels, then cross legged on my butt, and then the bag was full.

Fifteen minutes and I was drenched in sweat.  

It was mid-afternoon, the temperatures were in the 70's, the sun was blazing, and the desert was reminding me that yard work starts at sun up these days.  I proved that to myself all week, as my calendar took me away from home every morning and deposited me in my driveway around noon.

Now, it's 6am, the sun just peeked over the Pusch Ridge, and there are shadows everywhere.  I'm off to pull more weeds.  I think I'll change out of my night shirt first.


  1. Great description of weeding positions. I have to do everything either standing up or on my knees, with thick knee pads. My twice fixed back doesn't allow much bending over.

    1. I'm giving up and asking the landscape crew to come asap :-)


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