Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Thank You

I'm so happy to be preaching to such an appreciative choir.  Yesterday's comments helped me move on from lonely railing at the wind to knowing that I'm not alone.

Friends from LaMaze class are in town; we're seeing a lot of them.  Each time, we find ourselves saying Oh, no, let's not talk about him as the conversation strays in that unfortunate direction.  He's omnipresent.  

I do have confidence in the American people and in our system.  It held against his minions once on election day and again on January 6th.  That doesn't stop me from being terrified. 

It's time to start writing Get Out the Vote postcards again.  The first request just came to my inbox.  These are going to be important months in American History.

Do you think everyone throughout time imagines that they are Living In Interesting Times?


  1. I never expected to be living in such times! I am also terrified and simply cannot follow any news today. I will check tonight, but for now, I am reading a mystery.

  2. Probably. Because we have had good times, we know how much we have to lose. I made my first Act Blue on line contribution yesterday. I won't give a lot, but I'll give a little and hope others join me.

    1. My donations are not large, either. But they express my opinion in a tangible way.


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