Friday, March 1, 2024

I Love My Brother

It was a wonderful birthday, with cards and flowers and a balloon.

Little Cuter found a beautiful spaghetti fork

which she packaged with two more practical ones and a butter dish.

My brother sent me this:

It was packed within a few cardboard boxes cut to size, bubble wrap, foam paddiing, and enough scotch tape to humble a less determined package opener. I gave up on the scissors, moved on to the Exacto knife, and with the sender listening on speaker phone I revealed the gift. He's taken a class at the local community college and created my birthday present.

It came with its provenance detailed on the side of one of those boxes:

Contains: Recycled brownie container (part of a Hanukkah gift I sent them), part of a left over bag of concrete mix, red pigment, recycled copper gutters (from his house), abandoned copper tubing, telephone wire, 14 gauge wire, almost properly sized brass rivets, traces of tin/silver solder and flux. Wilt proof flowers are impervious to desert heat and bitter cold. Guaranteed to tarnish like the Statue of Liberty. Requires no routine maintenance. Prefers bright sunlight or deep shade or anything in between. Impervious to pests and disease.
WARNING: Contents will hurt if dropped on your toe. Do not eat unless you have very strong teeth. Various components probably known to cause cancer in California.

He's taking two more classes now - Creative Writing and Tap Dancing.  Creative Writing made sense to me; I've been reading his occasional newsletters since I went away to college.  But Tap Dancing?  

Why not?  I have two heels and ten toes.

Yes, he now owns tap shoes.  

I love my little brother.


  1. You certainly have some people who love you!

  2. That's a fun birthday gift from someone who seems like a very fun little brother.


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