Monday, November 21, 2022

Prepping the Second Raised Bed

The medium size kids broke up the clots and added the contents of the compost and seed cover bags Guy the Groundskeeping Guru found for us.  There was much discussion over the amount of smoothness necessary to make Grandma happy.
The bigger kids came.  There was a 30 pound bag of soil that had to move from one end of the garden to the other.

She was bound and determined to do it all by herself.
Once she arrived, there was the problem of getting into the heavy plastic to the potting soil inside.  Again, she wanted no help.
We shared in her joy as she dumped her treasure into the bed.

And then there was combining and mixing and comingling and all the other words for smooshing it all together
When it was smooth as could be, we laid the irrigation tubing  before they had to return to class.  I turned it on, and found that the emitter remaining after the tube popped itself off  was sending a jet stream right into our mandarin orange tree.
I turned off the station that waters the tree.  I love it when that which is not planned turns into a perfect solution. 


  1. The advantage of many hands! I have yet to learn the knack of gardening in Florida and it's a little frustrating. I need to take a class.

    1. I'm a total failure at indoor plants, though I raised a daughter who can grow anything everywhere. Buy something you like, go to your county's Master Gardener site, and go from there.


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