Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Once Again, It's Gone

The next time Comcast/Xfinity decides that our monthly bill isn't high enough,  I'll remind them of their failure to perform. 

It's like the being football's extra point kicker. You have only one job.  It's the same job every time.  It's what you are supposed to be good at doing. 

Screwing it up shouldn't be an option.  In this case,  losing service twice in 8 days definitely counts as screwing up.  Especially when it means I have to use my phone as a mobile hot spot to post this. 

 I'm happy that the phone can connect to the internet (although now that Arizona's elections are decided it's not really necessary). I'm proud that I figured out how to create my mobile hot spot.  I wish I didn't have to be so clever. 

More tomorrow when (if????) the problem is resolved. 

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