Friday, November 11, 2022

I Was Misinformed

Apparently, Steve Kornacki was right and I was wrong.  I misunderstood the Secretary of State's website and went to sleep with a false sense of optimism.  This morning I woke up to find that there are 200,000ish votes left to count in Maricopa County alone, and that while Mark Kelly's 85,000ish vote lead is good, it's not great.

Katie Hobbs is holding on to the Governor's race by the tippy tip tips of her fingers.  My Congressperson has yet to be determined; as of 4:59pm today(Thursday) with 69%  reporting.  I highlight that to make the point that there is no indication of what whole 69% is part of.  I'm a careful reader; this lack of precision is just adding to the craziness.

I slept well last night, and I've been content all day. Democracy survived.  There are still many too many people who don't believe the nose on their face, even when looking in the mirror.  But there are also those who recognize real threats, and who are willing to go to the polls to defend against them.

Look at Kansas.  Look at Kentucky.  Not exactly places that jump to mind when I think about protecting abortion, and yet both states' constitutional amendments banning abortion went down to defeat.  

Look at Maxwell Frost, 25 years old and a member of the House of Representatives.  When asked how it happened, he talked about guns and choice and health care and a living wage.  If you talk about these things, you'll find that most people believe, too.  

Look at John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro in Pennsylvania.  Fetterman won while recovering from a stroke.  Shapiro, whose opponent is apparently in more legal trouble than Trump, ran an impressive campaign; the talking heads are considering him a national player.

Look at the entire state of Michigan, now run by a Democratic tri-fecta.  Someone said Buttigieg/Whitmer in 2024.

Though we were teetering on the brink, I'm breathing easier.  The center held.

It's good to know that the country which our veterans protected is still worthy of their service.  


  1. There are still a lot of votes here in Arizona to count, but I've changed from total pessimism before the election to cautious optimism now. It looks like maybe more of our fellow citizens are sane than we thought! The election denier crowd is just louder ;-)

  2. Although California came through with its true blue results, the San Joaquin Valley painted its counties with red. It's a conservative bunch here, and I'm thankful the rest of the state doesn't see it like the Valley folk do. My parents were New Deal Democrats and I've continued the party line. However, my brother and sister, both deceased, did not and were very skeptical of democrats. So, sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree...just not this apple.

  3. Good morning, I'm sure you have heard the news about Mark Kelly and Adrian Fontes, and Ms Hobbs is still leading that Lake person. On another matter you might want to check the 1st link you put in, (the one about Kornacki) it does not take you to anything about Kornacki.

  4. Kelly and Masto have been announced as winners by the AP, giving Democrats control of the Senate--now on to Georgia and Warnock. Finchem was defeated--now go Katie Hobbs! This election turned out much better than I feared.

  5. The problem with writing a post with changing data......


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