Thursday, November 3, 2022

A Bonus Day

We returned before we were expected.  

A last minute hiccup in our plans combined with a no-change-fee-fare brought us to our own bed two days early.  I was looking forward to sleeping in and being quiet.  After all, it was a day without expectations or plans or friends waiting to have lunch.  It really was free, a bonus day.

I thought I'd be tired from traveling.  I thought I'd spend the day lounging on the couch or the patio, doing the Wordle and Spelling Bee and the Mini Crossword.  It sounded like heaven.

Apparently that lack of oomph only happens to my husband.  

After a restless night I was totally awake at 9am.... which should have felt like 6am because I should still be on Eastern Time.... but there I was, bright eyed and bushy tailed as G'ma would've said.  I wasn't tired or achy at all.  I was totally energized.

I cleaned the whole house, and I'm not just talking about dusting.  From the fronts of the stainless steel appliances (never again!) to the deepest recesses of the countertops, from the floors through the furniture, I touched and improved every surface.  

Does anyone else remember Mr. Clean?

I was a White Tornado.  

I pulled out the Fall Decor box and spent a lovely long time putting out old familiar pieces.  I changed the pillow covers from summer to autumn.  I watered the plants.  I did laundry.  I paid a few bills. I made banana bread muffins.  

And then I went out.

The library, the grocery store, the drug store, and the bagel store had everything I needed, including  smoked brisket with veggies and sauce and cheese on a bagel which TBG says is the best lunch he can remember eating.  

We had a companionable lunch over catch-up tv then read James Patterson novels outside until the sun went behind the clouds.  We have become weather wimps, and we don't care if you judge us.  Our bellies were still with Little Cuter in Indiana, so I made an early dinner and did the dishes while TBG dealt with the garbage and now I am typing to you.  

Soon it will be 7pm, and I can feel free to use electricity to run major appliances without disturbing the grid.  I have a dishwasher to turn on (soap's already in there, thank you very much for planning ahead) and another load of laundry to run.

Obviously, the next time things have to get done, I should go on vacation first.


  1. Okay, Now I await hearing how long you sleep in tomorrow!

    1. I was up at 5:50am.... I did 2 hours of brain training anti-Alzheimer research games, went out to lunch, finished the book, and got the migraine from hell :-)

  2. And I never felt tired! I was amazing myself as I typed it all out.


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