Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Vaccine Saga Continues

Things were changing quickly.  

Notices went up and were replaced by the time Little Cuter clicked over to check them out.  What I read in the newspaper over breakfast had changed by the time washed the dishes and logged on to look for my eBook.  As Allison asked in a comment yesterday, Where did you hear that?

Long after Little Cuter's bedtime, the messages on the provider's website calmed down.  I thought that we were okay, but the wording was somewhat less than reassuring.  I shared the link with her to read when she woke up; and went to (fretful) sleep.  

Her texted reply was waiting for my early morning bleary eyes.  Yes, it seemed like he was okay, but call when they open to be sure.  

And that's when anxiety turned to delight.  I was midway through the comics when terminal hold started speaking to me.  I closed the newspaper and turned up the volume to better pay attention to the friendly young man on the other end.  

He understood my confusion, and repeated the facts, just to be sure.  He checked the calendar and thought we were fine.  He did a deeper dive and decided that only the Monday and Tuesday appointments were changed (to Friday), but that Wednesday and Thursday were fine.

That made sense to all of us; the doses promised were now able to be delivered.  The snow has turned to sleet on its way to rain, and the supply chain is open again.  I thanked him for checking for TBG and he paused.  He'd only run a general search of the issue; he wanted to go further into the data base and give us a more specific answer.  

Hmmmm.... we weren't in his MyChart information, but we were not to worry..... as my heart rate increased he offered mindless reassurances and logged into the POD database..... and was delighted when I told him the lane number under the registration number and there was TBG, at the right time in the right lane at the right site.

We'd been checked and rechecked and confirmed with a supervisor to boot.  As TBG, listening in as he cooked us eggs, said, We love supervisors.  I thanked the young man profusely, and he was gracious and charming and made sure I was completely comfortable before he wished me good health and let me hang up first.  

We smiled.  We texted the kids.  We looked with reverence at the printed appointment information.  We haven't felt this safe in a long, long time.  


  1. I was able to book an appointment, finally, for March 2 at 8:45am. We will see if I really get the vaccine.

    1. Fingers crossed for you and TBG and my 2nd dose and ........


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