Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The Big Kid Room

Giblet got promoted.  

That's what happens when you start being just on the edge of naughty in the Room for Twos.  He'll stand on the tile at the very edge of the rug he's supposed to be occupying, smiling coyly through his eyelashes, knowing he's disobeying and enjoying every minute of it.  

Of course, once the teacher stops hiding her smile (the kid is a charmer) and puts on her serious face, he joins his friends on the rug; he doesn't like it when Miss Paige told me NO.  He's testing, he's two, and he's ready to move on.

So, on Monday, Little Cuter dropped him at the entrance to the big kids' building.  The classroom was different but the teachers were familiar, having rotated through his space since he was a baby.  And, of course, there were his friends who were there already.

The kids at Perfect Day Care are the others who fill his life.  Every day, they play and sing and paint and nap and eat and go outside together.  There have always been other kids in his class, but he and Antigone bonded early and it stuck.  Knowing that she and the other girls he adores were waiting for him eased away concerns he might have had.

He had none.

He was quite happy to share his achievement on the phone that evening. Grampa! I go to big boy room! I did it!  His smile, filled with chicken nuggets, was the definition of pride and joy.

And today, a long day for them, we were going to skip our call and that was fine, but Giblet wanted to say HI to Grampa so here we are was Little Cuter's greeting.  Once we established that Gramma was present and accounted for, the boys made faces and laughed until the kid needed another nugget and - Squirrel! - just like every other 2 year old on the planet his attention was completely diverted .... leaving TBG making faces at himself.

This is the news that keeps me sane.  I'm going to read the House Trial Brief for the Impeachment now and rejoin the world of the politically aware, putting my sanity at risk on the way.  It's what has to be done.  I'm a citizen.  Democracy is hard work.   I just don't relish doing it. 


  1. Although there is no chance that they'll convict him, I think it's important that the malfeasance and perfidy be documented; and the fact that these spineless legislators were just fine with all of it. They're forever tarnished by this.

    1. It's terrifying. That anyone could have been there and felt that and not think it is wrong is WRONG


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