Friday, February 26, 2021

Did You See The Moon?

I went to get the mail tonight, just after sunset.  It was still and smelled of spring.  

The rosemary had been filled with little yellow and red and brown things as I went through a Pilates barre routine on the other side of the window; tonight it was quite undisturbed.  

The roses were astonishingly healthy, filled with new leaves and buds ready to burst.  Fertilizing really makes a difference.  Even the yucca which share their garden bed were perkier.  The javelina gnawed them down to nubs last year; I'm hoping that they are mature enough to be unattractive this time around.  

There's a long mound behind my mailbox, right at the edge of the sidewalk.  Ground squirrels or rabbits or snakes or some other burrowing animal is very happily undisturbed out there at the edge of our property.  As long as they stay out of the house and the garage, I don't begrudge them their little slice of heaven.

And heaven it most certainly was today.  Temperatures in the high 60's, not a cloud in the bluest sky, and then, this evening, that just on the edge of full moon lighting my way back to the front door.  

Make sure to look for it tonight, when it's full.  You won't be sorry.


  1. I looked out my bedroom window this morning to see the the big beautiful moon setting in the west and then out my kitchen window to see the eastern sky all pink, promising the sunrise. I had to take a moment to be thankful for all that is right in the world. I will not turn on my television.

  2. That's just how I felt last night - the world was offering healing, and I took it. So glad your day started so well.

  3. I saw it this morning and had the same thought. Thank goodness for these moments :). xo

  4. It's nice to hear you sounding so happy today. There will be plenty if issues to save for another time. Enjoy your spring.

    1. It was lovely to feel at one with a comforting universe.


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