Friday, September 6, 2019

Another Gardening Post

The 5th grade brought their plants to Garden Club on Wednesday.
They've sprouted, even the one she drowned. We had a good laugh about that.
The scholars were able to plant the tomatoes without any physical assistance.
We had a real life lesson in the effects of heat on roots as the gardener who held the root ball noticed that it was "really kinda hot" in her hands. Our giant plastic Fiskars trowels were the perfect tool to create the perfect hole
The girls were looking for a project; moving the extra buckets from the bench to the covered seat was a lesson in geometry and patience. After many iterations, there were only a few which didn't fit.
Finding a large piece of bark in the second raised bed was a surprise - did it fall, did a bird drop it, did the wind blow it?

The irrigation to the Dwarf Mandarin Orange tree was still nurturing volunteer interlopers. After the weeding came the watering, which was much more fun.

And then there was raking.

"What do I do with this?" was the most frequently asked question of the afternoon. It was surprising at first, but then someone hugged me and smiled at me and said "I've never been in a garden before."

If you've never seen a rake, how do you know that it's the outdoor equivalent of a broom?

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