Friday, September 13, 2019

I Was Running Behind

I had business on-line and on the phone this morning.  I followed up on emails to Cornellians.  I spoke to an HOA official and can now rest easy that the giant garage next door will have replacement landscaping that mimics what we loved before construction began.  I tidied the house then drove to Prince to read Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go NOW! to Ms B's kindergarteners.  

Did you know that when Dr. Seuss was asked to write a book about Richard Nixon, he took a sharpie and changed Marvin K Mooney to Richard M Nixon and declared that he was done.  I shared that story with Ms B over the heads of her students and watched her delighted face as the kids watched Marvin K  set his lips in an immediately recognizable I will NOT! smirk.

Then, I had to plant Ms H's lantana, which somehow was overlooked during yesterday's Garden Club.  The Garden was officially closed, but I allowed some of the usual suspects to join me in the task.  Someone held the plant upside down.  Someone squeezed and lifted the container.  Then we separated the roots.
We striped the sides with our fingers, and left the roots free and clear, ready to explore their new surroundings. 
Two holes were dug, then the soil was gently tamped down around the tender plants.  
I was having too much fun watching and wetting them with the hose to take pictures of them watering the pot, taking turns, counting to 5 then shifting to the left as the hose passed to the right.  We laughed, we counted, we apologized for stepping on toes and banging into one anther and, somehow, the lantanas were watered and we were mostly dry.

It was a lovely antidote to the Hard Lock Down they'd endured an hour before.

I played mah jongg with Scarlet, called to be sure that ingredients for dinner were in the cupboard, and drove home to Indivisible's worksheets for watching the debate sitting in the printer tray... well, most of them, and then all of them once I added paper. 
And then, because we're on Pacific Time, I had to quickly upload the photos and move with Lenore the Lenovo onto Douglas in front of the television so that I could write something you could read in the morning.  

I thought it would be easy, because the debate would be boring.
It's not.
I'm going to pay closer attention now.

Have a nice weekend, denizens.


  1. What an age we live in - lock downs in schools. What the heck happened to us as a nation? I didn't watch the debate, I guess I am a bad citizen. I'll vote for any Democrat they put up. Have a happy weekend.

    1. The kindergarten was on the lunchroom, lights out, DEFINITELY not fun


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