Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Playdates - A Snippet

Little Cuter and FlapJilly caught up with pre-school friends this weekend.  They're at different schools for kindergarten, but the moms don't want to lose touch.  The kids held hands all day; the moms enjoyed easy conversation.

Hearing her describe it sent my brain to afternoons in the park three decades ago, when no one judged if there was jelly on your sweatshirt.   The kids were going to be friends because the moms were going to be friends.  And so the kids had many good times because when mama is happy then everybody is happy.

I had a wonderful afternoon thinking about that time in my life, thinking about the women in my life at that time, thinking about how time was more elastic then, thinking about how long ago it was and how fresh it is in my mind, thinking about how much I love those people.

It's so kind of my daughter to bring that back to me.  Just another reason I love her.

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