Friday, January 19, 2018

Planting With the Big Kids

You can tell at a glance, can't you.
There were Yes, Grandma and Why Can't I? kinds of kids.
There was the hose that attacked the gardener.
There are those who are thrilled and the one who's not quite sure.
Self selected, they are as gender and racially balanced as the school itself.
Together, we planted alyssum and basil, dusting the existing soil with newer, fresher, organic planting mix before we raked in our teeny tiny seeds.  Then, with the world's smallest watering can filled at the world's slowest drinking fountain, we sprayed the beds with water, focusing special attention on the plants another class had installed.  Watching them perk up with just a little bit of love and attention was an immediate object lesson ... on so many levels.
Somewhere in the phone that's more of a compendium of my life's work than a device on which I can talk to my friends, the phone whose replacement is on the hall table, the phone that has eaten my photos, lies the larger and grander story.  I have the entire weekend to retrieve it for you.
See you on Monday, denizens.

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