Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Snippet of a Walk

Amster and I agreed to meet for a slow hike (my terms) Sunday morning.

We ended up at the Sweetwater Wetlands; it was the first result on my hikes near I-10 and Orange Grove search.  I wanted to walk around Silverbell Lake, but I was distracted by The Google and forgot to read the description before Amster's SIRI-With-A-British-Accent directed us to the parking lot around a corner on a street we'd never seen before to a place I hadn't intended to be.

It's a lovely spot, and I would have taken pictures, but early morning is apparently a prime time for birders.  Birders are solitary, quiet folk.  Amster and I were neither of those things; every time we rounded a bend and saw binoculars pinned to eyeballs we shut up, turned around, and walked the other way, trying not to disturb anyone.

I was trying to keep up the pace; pausing for a photo felt not only intrusive, but lazy.

We saw the parking lot several times; the third time was the charm and we drove home.  It wasn't very long and it wasn't very hard but for 30 minutes or so I was strolling with a girlfriend, enjoying the great outdoors.

Life is good.

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