Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Happy Everything, Day 8

Before she became inconsolable at the thought of going to bed, FlapJilly was milking the last bit of fun out of her playtime, including Mommy in her dollhouse fantasy, snuggling with her Daddy for a story, wrapping Grampa in her Wonder Woman lasso of truth, and generally being a delightful human being.  It’s so hard to let go of the day sometimes.

Your gift for the 8th day of the Holiday Celebration Tour:
Are you as confused as I was about Boxing Day? I spent all day wondering about it. Then, because there are no unanswered questions in The Age of the Google, I found the answer, and I share it with you, for your edification.
It’s an old tradition (Pepys mentions it in 1663) where tradesmen and servants and purveyors of services received Christmas Boxes... what we now call The Envelope.  Apparently, there was no shame attached to ringing the doorbell, hat in hand, and asking for your box.
And now you have another fact to add to your arsenal.
You’re welcome.

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