Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Four Years Ago Today

As she did with everything, my mother died in a most convenient fashion.
In her bed, after I'd tucked her in and told her I loved her and she whisked me away with a brush of her hand, preferring to sleep than to have me stay and chat, she drifted away in the early morning hours.  The Old Folks Home woke me at 5am; my east coast siblings were awakened by me at the civilized hour of 7:30 in the morning.  

A Thursday morning, so that her family, spread far and wide, could travel over a weekend, for a Sunday funeral, missing not that much time from work, spending time playing games and telling stories and agreeing with Intrepid Cat that This is fun.... too bad G'ma had to die for it to happen.

I miss her.  I talk to her (she doesn't usually answer).  I wrote this for her.
Esther Tamara Rukasin Annis

Born February 19, 1923
Died December 5, 2013

A smart, thoughtful, interested and interesting woman.
A loving grandmother and mother and aunt.

She is wallowing in chocolate, Hershey's kisses on the side, 
watching Christina-Taylor jump in mud puddles.
Listen in to the conversation:
"You're getting filthy, sweetheart!"
"It's fun!"
"Come, have some chocolate.... take more... don't be stingy with yourself."

Peacefully,in her sleep, surrounded by her memories and supported by Hospice and staff and family,
she left this world and is now reunited with the woman she used to be. 
Sad but not tragic, her loss leaves a void to be filled with good books, loving children, and more photographs than any family should ever collect in ten lifetimes. 

She will be missed and remembered.

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