Thursday, December 7, 2017

Distracting Myself

I left this scene of loving chaos
when the chaos began to out-weigh the love,
and went outside to meet the UPS delivery person.

I took my time coming back inside.

The drippy euphorbia-formely-known-as-pedilanthus has shed its tiny red flowers
and the agave pups have grown up very nicely, thank you for asking. 
Once the winter rains begin I'll move them to their permanent homes in the front yard, 
where they can grow to their full 6 foot splendor.  
Til then, they are protecting the pop of color I bought for FlapJilly's visit.
For some reason, no beasties have munched on the pansies this year.
It's the first time my I'm buying them even though I know they'll be eaten foreboding was for naught.

The tiny cacti JannyLou gifted me last year . 
are hosting some clover-ish petals.
I'd remove them, but those tentacles are covered with glochids.... infinitesimal prickers that pierce the toughest gloves and embed themselves in the soft parts and the knuckles and the creases of my fingers.  Since, by definition, it's only a weed if it's a plant-in-the-wrong-place, I've decided that it's meant to be.

This post is me trying to ignore Al Franken and Jerusalem and the RNC.
I refuse to let the world ruin my favorite time of the year.

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