Tuesday, March 28, 2017


SIR took us to the Studebaker Museum.
It was shiny and it was colorful 
and there was something for everyone.
She carried the tires and brought Daddy the ratchet and they added oil and fluids before they went for a drive.
The grown ups not tending the child wandered through American history, following an immigrant family teetering on bankruptcy while making goat carts
 and sleighs
until one brother returned from the California Gold Rush, ready to invest in the family business the fortune ($8,000) he'd made.... building and selling small wheelbarrows to the miners.  
The Studebakers created cars of surpassing elegance
often decorated to within an inch of their lives.... like the wheels of this fire engine:
The museum was mostly Studebakers, but there was this Hispano-Suiza, Phrynne Fisher's car, sitting smugly beside the mannequin.

There was so much to stare at.  There were big fat tires
and fantastic colors
and elegantly shaped rooflines.
There were fins
and more fins
and there was sheer elegance.
There was the original kiddie car
and there was the carriage in which Mr. & Mrs. Lincoln rode to Ford's Theater that night...
which stopped us in our tracks, too moved to take a picture, standing respectfully in front of the most impressive vehicle of all.  


  1. Wow. And I just love seeing Miss Fisher's car. Divine.

  2. I remember my grandma having a big car like these. Still amazes me. Love Little Cuter helping SIR with the little car. So cute.

    My dad would love a museum like this (being a mechanic and having a shop). Cars were his passion.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    Megan xxx


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