Monday, March 6, 2017

And So....

I thought I would have a single thread to follow for this post, but DJT continues to tweet and so the shit storm continues.

Horribleness is touching the edges of my life.  A synagogue in my Long Island hometown received a threat; so did The Bride's JCC in Alabama.  The Washington State hate crime assault happened in a friend's community, a community she loves for its diversity and compassion.  And that's just in the last week.

Janny Lou and I met with our Congresswoman's District Director on Friday; we agreed on one thing - we are exhausted.  The level of civic involvement is unprecedented, he told us, and that got me thinking.  Six years ago Cong. Gabby Giffords stood on a street corner with 35 constituents; last week Cong. Martha McSally's Town Hall turned away hundreds.  That's a tangible change, and a good one.

It has its consequences, though.  GRIN volunteerism is down; everyone is politicking.  Listening to the news has become a participatory event; I find myself writing postcards as Lester Holt outlines yet another outrage.  School vouchers, affordable vs access to health care, North Korea shooting missiles into Japan's waters... things are happening in the real world and we are involved in he said/he said/no he didn't.

On what should we focus our attention?  It came to us this afternoon, watching the FBI Director walk across the Oval Office to shake DJT's hand:  how tall is James Comey?

He towers over POTUS and resists the pull-to-me second part of the handshake and the other men in the room seem like mini-me's.  Look:
This is the kind of issue I can wrestle into some sort of sense.  A President who thinks the world revolves around him, who gets his news from Breitbart, who flies to Florida every weekend..... this is becoming more than I can handle.

(The answer is 6'8")


  1. I'm with you. I'm actually getting depressed because absolutely NOTHING is being done to keep 45* in check. He's absolutely bat-shit crazy and needs to be stopped. I was just reading Charles Blow's editorial in the NYT. It talks about how crazy 45* is and that his presidency needs to be paused.

    When are the Republicans going to actually listen to us? It's almost like they are waiting to see what more damage he can do to our country. That's what is depressing me. I feel powerless and like no one is listening to me/us.

    I don't know what else to do and it's frustrating.

    Sending massive hugs.

    Megan xxx

    1. Did you watch McCain/Graham's Town Hall? There are some grown ups who think country before party.... the Dems are so intent on us v them that they are no help at all.

  2. One wonders if the tweets are merely a distraction. While we're staring wide eyed at this latest meltdown, Ryan has been busy in Congress.

    1. Yes, and it is terrifying. Access to health care, funded by tax credits (the neediest don't pay taxes, dumbass!), is not Affordable Care. A post follows.


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