Thursday, March 16, 2017

It Is Hard To Fathom

(Apologies for the late posting; having grandbaby funis quite distracting!)
During nap time yesterday, TBG and I watched the news.  We've been on a diet of Trolls and Jeopardy while visiting; Little Cuter, wisely, shields her daughter from the President of the United States.

I've been pondering that fact while watching my brilliant granddaughter tell jokes and wonder What's This? and Who's That?

It's obvious to me that the kid could recognize the President.  It's also obvious to me why my daughter doesn't want her to do so.  The judge in Hawaii knows why, too, and took pains to point out to both the President and the rest of us that words matter, that hatred cannot be hidden behind a cloak of safety, that religious freedom is enshrined in the Constitution and no one man can change that fact.  

How could you possibly explain all that to a little one, even one as smart as mine?

So, my granddaughter is growing up without knowing that DJT is running the country.  She is protected from the vitriol but is also missing out on happenings in the real world.  True, she's not even three years old.  She has plenty of time to learn.  But SIR and Little Cuter are so good about including her in the conversation, so careful to ease her into childhood from babyhood with a full complement of personal and interpersonal skills, to teach her all that they know and more, which makes it all the more striking when they ask that the tv be turned to a less poisonous person.

This is the President of the United States we are silencing, and I'm having a hard time disagreeing with their decision.  Spouting hatred, untruths and half truths, preening before adoring audiences (who, like most auto workers, have their insurance paid for by their employer) - none of that has any business in the mind of my little FlapJilly.

I guess I'll have to console myself with the fact that she is living in a world where the Cubs are the reigning World Series Champions.  A girl can't have everything, now, can she?


  1. I am like your kids, I'm trying to stay away from #45. He is too toxic for me.

    1. There is a certain level of peace we've achieved by doing just that this week.


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