Monday, March 27, 2017

Butterflies to the Rescue, Once Again.

Last night, the sun set like this
but TBG and I were hard pressed to take our eyes off the book Little Cuter created.  The Grandparental Invasion - March 2017 is filled will hugs and love and smiles.
Our basketball pools, decorated by the stickers FlapJilly put on her dog and her father and her Gampa,
are totally busted, but the hearts and the minions and the Minnie Mouse polka dots allow us to smile as we cross off another team.  The love is there, but the girls are not.


I needed an antidote - and Scarlett and the Tucson Botanical Garden's butterfly exhibit came, once more, to the rescue.  The exhibit receives shipments of chrysalis every three weeks; there's always a new specimen to examine, like this one, who flew right past my nose to land on the hibiscus leaf.
From the side, he's perfectly camouflaged.
There were blue ones and big-eyes-on-the-wings ones and then this new one, with round wings and straight wings and striped wings.  It's hard to see all the pollen on the front of his wings and he flew away before I could maneuver myself into a more favorable position, but believe me when I say that there was an orgasmic quality to his rest.
The warmth and the humidity make the flowers happy, too.
They may be in the nursery next week.
I'll be waiting.

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