Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Politics 2016 - Snippets from the Democrats, Tweets from Trump

The first speaker I heard was Cory Booker. I loved his biography, United, I was impressed that an old and dear friend has supported him for decades, and he sealed the deal when he wiped his sweaty bald pate without skipping a beat last night.

He quoted Maya Angelou, and reminded the audience that they knew the words. There were echoes in the arena as those who did recited them along with him. He was powerful and thoughtful and I really had to laugh at The Donald's tweet:
If Cory Booker is the future of the Democratic Party, they have no future! I know more about Cory than he knows about himself.
I wonder how much The Donald thinks he knows about me?
Anastasia Somoza was delightful and thrilled and excited and happy and everything a twenty-something thrust into the spotlight should be. She was the neatest antithesis to The Donald's mocking of the NY Times reporter who also lives with Cerebral Palsy.  

But my favorite part of her speechifying and question answering was when she was asked why she supported Hillary - as a woman, as a young activist, as a disabled American.  This is a kid whose outlook on life should be spread over the Convention floor.
The cameras didn't focus on the catcalls and the boos from the stage.  I'm with Sarah Silverman; Bernie or Bust is just ridiculous.  Their screeching was annoying.

But I wonder if the cameras stayed on the podium because the speakers kept speaking.  The Donald likes to stop and stare and deride his cantankerous opponents.  I like the Democrats' ignoring them much more.
Elizabeth Warren does a better job attacking Trump than trying to take the high road,  although I appreciated her efforts given The Donald's tweet after her speech:
Elizabeth Warren, often referred to as Pocahontas, just misrepresented me and spoke glowingly about Crooked Hillary, who she always hated
I don't get the whole Pocahontas thing; does The Donald think it's funny?  It gains no traction, it's so obviously inappropriate, that the whole Crooked Hillary thing gets swallowed up in my disgust for his overt racism.
As Mrs. Obama pointed out, our children are watching.  They had the opportunity last night to see a tall, smart, black, feisty woman speak from her heart.  She was elegant and eloquent and TBG and I were teary on the couch.

Can her words be an antidote to the vitriol from The Donald?  Perhaps.  It's telling that she is the only person about whom he did not tweet last night.
Paul Simon walked out on the stage and started to sing.  There were boos and catcalls and lots of pent up Bernie Forever angst spilling loudly over the arena.  We wondered where Art Garfunkel was, since Bridge Over Troubled Waters is, arguably, his song.

And then the cameras turned to the delegates.  What had been contentious was, after a chorus or two, harmonious.  Arms around shoulders, swaying side to side, singing along and healing.... at least I hope they were healing.
And tonight we sat through How I Met Your Candidate from 9/11 survivors and first responders and Senators (some related by marriage) and colleagues and then Bill took over for nearly an hour and told a love story that had me reminding myself that marriage is very hard work.

I loved the broken glass ceiling and Hillary talking to any little girls who might have stayed up late, and when she told them them that she might be the first woman to become President - but one of you will be the next, my heart just about exploded.

I'm not sure Millenials, girls who grew up with Roe v Wade and Title IX, understand why.   I'll wager that the rest of you had a moment, too.


  1. I thought the Dem Con would be a sleeper. Far from it. Great speakers and Bernie is a class act. Now I have hope.

    1. Bernie did a great job.... from tears to cheers.... I'm with you, Maryellen Bess - I have hope.

  2. I've been watching and all I can say is that this week's convention is sooooo much better than last week's. It's full of love and hope. I couldn't stomach much of last week's. It was so negative and bitter.

    I was in tears hearing Bill talk last night. He has always been a great orator.

    AND I was teary-eyed when Bernie's brother spoke. I was so please with how gracious Bernie has been. Now if only his supporters would step-up. We cannot let Trump anywhere near the White House.

    Here's to another good convention night.

    Megan xxx

  3. Oh, yes! Much more than "a moment". Many


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