Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Another Rant - Politics 2016

Every time I think about either one of them being in the Oval Office, I get a little nauseous.  But, like P. J. O'Rourke, I think that she is #WrongWithinNormalParameters and so I'm #Settling4Hillary.

She is evil, but so much less evil than he is, that I will hold my nose and vote for her, much as I voted for Ralph Nader and John Anderson:  because the process matters.  None of the John Anderson or Ralph Nader opponents terrified me, so I could afford to let my ballot convey my outrage.

2016 is different. Trump is an impossible choice for me; his divisiveness, his misogyny, his refusal to take responsibility for his own actions stop me before I even consider the fact that he's not proposed a single real plan. Building a great wall, standing shoulder to shoulder with the NRA (haven't heard him renewing his pledge to change their thinking on Can't Fly/Can't Buy), replacing ObamaCare with something better.  He won't say what he's going to do on foreign policy, because he doesn't want to alert our enemies.  It seems that he views the American people the same way.  It seems that we can't be trusted with the information.

This is one way in which government cannot be run like a business.  In business, personality is trumped by capital.  In business, holding your cards close gives you an advantage.  But government shouldn't be a Win/Lose proposition, where I profit and you don't.  That's tyranny.

I've seen nothing that shows me a warmer side of Donald Trump.  I have to believe that if it existed his campaign would have brought it to my attention.  I don't think he has one.  For example, I direct you to his comments about Bill Clinton's ill-fated get-together with Loretta Lynch, the one where the conversation revolved around golf and grandchildren.... or so they said.  Mr. Trump couldn't believe it either:
"I love my grandchildren, but if I talk about them for more than nine or 10 seconds, after that, what are you going to say?" 
As anyone who has read a FlapJilly post  knows, I am the living, breathing proof of the fact that it is possible to spend well more than 9 or 10 seconds talking about my one grandchild.  If I had 8, like Mr. Trump, I could spend all day.  But, it's more than the soundbite.  It's the off-handed way he dismisses the possibility that he would spend time doting over his family.

Shall I be crass and say he could probably spend all day discussing the relative beauty of his wives and his daughters?  Probably not, because then you'd think of Bill Clinton, whose behavior on and off the political screen is not something I'm anticipating with glee.  And there I go again, about to rant and rave about Hillary when I know I shouldn't give anyone another reason not to like her.

We need her because we cannot have Trump.  #Settling4Hillary is a call to arms, I guess.  She may be wrong, but she is #WrongWithinNormalParameters.  He is just wrong.


  1. This is an off topic comment, but I have to wonder why the NRA hasn't been screaming about the Minnesota shooting of Mr.Castile over his constitutional right to bear arms. Apparently that right applies only to whites since it was passed long before the 13th amendment and was therefore not meant to apply to those of color.

    I saw this comparison of our presidential candidates:

    Trump Pro: He is not Hillary. Con: He is Donald Trump.
    Clinton: Pro: She is not Donald Con: She is Hillary Clinton

    I joked about the primary being the perfect fallout of the reality TV mentality, but I am not laughing anymore. I am praying.

    1. Praying. Working on getting out OUR vote. Writing about it. We do what we must

  2. Everything about him is wrong. The sheer though of him disgusts me. He's everything I cannot stand in a human being.

    I love Hillary, always have and always will. I read a really great article about how the narrative about her was created 20 years ago. It was all fabricated and yet it persists.

    I hadn't seen the part about Drumpf talking about his grandkids. What a jackass. Just because he has the attention span of a gnat, doesn't mean everyone does. And MOST grandparents will talk about their grandkids all day long. Do we really want someone who doesn't even value family in the White House?

    Again, feeling ill even thinking about this DB.

    Sending hugs!

    Megan xxx

    1. Attention span of a gnat... Thanks for the smile😀

  3. I am voting third party for the first time ever. I know it won't really win but I can't click on either of these people's names. I suggest people learn what Johnson, in the Libertarian Party (was Republican) who is social liberal and economic conservative,and Stein in the Green Party stand for. If they can vote for a Dem or Repub, fine but there is another choice-- to finally begin to support a different party. I thought I could vote for Clinton by holding my nose but her warlike tendencies, her being paid off by the oligarchs, her lies on little things even, just can't do it. She's against TPP when she needs the Bernie voters and now isn't saying much. She won't be what we can count on. Admittedly she'd be better than Trump... I think but not much. Her husband didn't do right by us on a lot of issues that led to our problems. I only hope she won't really put him in charge of economics while she goes off and manages the empire...I have grandchildren and now the girls have to register for the draft also. No wars is one of my big demands in a president and Hillary just doesn't cut it.

    1. He's too dangerous, much more dangerous than she is, I think. She has experience. He has ego. I am too terrified of a Trump presidency to send my vote where my heart might be.

      But, I can't disagree with anything that fed into your 3rd party choice.

      Is this over yet??


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