Friday, July 22, 2016

How To Feel Better About the World

After watching the drama over substance of the Republican Convention; after listening to the President of Estonia tell NPR that a Trump decision to withhold support if a NATO ally were invaded meant "the end of NATO itself, NATO, around which the world has been organized since 1949;" after driving behind 20-somethings texting while bumbling along in the fast lane; after Monsoon rains quashed my plans to test my knee in the pool; after all of that, I couldn't summon any positive energy at all.

Then, I read Intrepid Cat's Facebook post, and my world took on a sunnier hue.  I'm copying it in its entirety, and following her lead this weekend.  I'm ready for snacks... served by old people...... of which I am certainly one.  I know what a pokestop is, but the gym and leveling up and the Snorlax are beyond my interest in Pokeman Go... because I am an old person.

Reasons to give blood:
1. We have not developed better alternatives to donated blood.
2. I know people who have benefited from donated blood.
3. I am healthy enough to donate and it doesn't freak me out too bad.
4. They are collecting blood at a church with both a pokestop and a gym and it is a perfectly valid reason to hang out in an air conditioned room leveling up myself and the gym so I get to put my shiny new Snorlax in and be gym leader AND old people give me home made snacks at the same time!

Happy Weekend, denizens.  Share a pint, if you can.

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