Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Random Thoughts - A Travel Day

The weather was fine.  The plane was on time.  Our seats were reserved.  We brought delicious sandwiches for lunch in the terminal, and a snack for the plane.

The crying 3 year old two rows ahead was dealt with by a swift removal of my hearing aids.  Sometimes infirmities can come in handy.
The college co-ed on Spring Break in the window seat drew the window shade as soon as she sat down. That would usually send me into a claustrophobic spiral, but today I just closed my eyes and went to sleep.

Sometimes living with the end of bronchitis can come in handy.
Once, just once, I would like to arrive at someplace other than the gate furthest from the baggage claim.  Little Cuter's smiling face and herringbone pants at the bottom of the escalator almost made up for my exhaustion.

I'm not limping.  I'm covering ground with alacrity.  A long walk is a good thing after 3 hours of sitting on a plane.... at least that's what I kept telling myself as the sweat poured down my back.
The traffic was zipping along apace.

The garage door opened easily.

Thomas the Wonder Dog greeted me with a Woof and a lick, and then there was this:
I can't promise much in the way of verbiage over the next week, 
but I can promise that there will be lots of love.

If the politics is getting you down, just stop by The Burrow.
There will be plenty of love to go around.


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