Thursday, March 17, 2016

Voting - A Snippet

She almost didn't make it, and that would have been unacceptable.

Her 45 minute commute stretched on and on and on as Metra worked to clear the tracks after the train right in front of hers hit a pedestrian.  Hours passed.  There was no escape.

She hustled off the platform and down the ramp and out of the station where she was bumped into with such force that she fell to the ground.  The offender just kept on moving.  She picked herself up, examined her now cracked phone, and found her car.

Exiting the parking lot was a nightmare.  Everyone was tired.  Everyone was hungry.  Everyone had left work with plenty of time to get to the polls and now that time was running out.  To call her trip from the station to the polling place anything but torturous would be a misnomer.

She walked through the doors of the elementary school at 6:56.  She had four minutes to spare.

SIR, our perfect human, was holding her place in line.  FlapJilly was there, too, because everyone's voice counts, even the teeny ones.
Let's hope that people remember this lesson in November.
This is what citizenship is all about.

I'm so proud of them.

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