Monday, March 14, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

Naperville goes all out 
for St. Patrick's Day. 
The streets are filled with green clad humans
 of all sizes
and shapes. 
The runners 
were filling the bars at 10am
and so were FlapJilly and SIR. 
It was a good place to rest and visit with friends
before setting out to create our own parade.
We weren't the only ones who found the street more passable than the sidewalks
but we were definitely the cutest.
FlapJilly waved to her loyal subjects, and they, sitting comfortably and waiting for the floats and the dancers, smiled back.
People came quite well prepared
and dressed in appropriate fashion. 

Nap time meant that we had to leave before the parade began,
and FlapJilly's tears were loud and wet and ignored.

It is so hard to be a toddler.


  1. :( on having to leave the parade before it started. We moms and dads do know when our kids need a nap--even if they protest. My little guy protests, but then he immediately falls asleep and even thanks me for making him take a nap.

    Love all the pictures.

    Megan xxx

    1. FlapJilly often signs "sleep" and "milk" before her parents suggest bedtime. Kids are smarter than we think.


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