Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Twelve... Eleven...Ten Days Before Christmas

We're in transition around here.

FlapJilly and her parents flew back to their lives in the much-warmer-than-it-was-here-in-the-desert-this-weekend northern climes.

Hanukkah's blue and white and silver decorations have been returned to their box in the garage.

The red and green candles came out.  A tree was purchased.  Eight pans of brownies were baked, packed and mailed.  

I need a moment to clear my head.  I need to decide whether to take on the Republicans.  I need to decide whether to discuss ground troops in a land war in the Middle East. I would like to revel in the season, as so many Facebook friends do, by avoiding the real world for a few days of peace and joy.

I'm entitled to some confusion, I think.  After all, the still-to-be-born baby Jesus and his parents were on their way to be counted - Oh, no! Big Government! - two thousand and some years ago right now.
I have to think that Mary and Joseph would rather have been nesting and anticipating their new arrival with joy than traveling by ass to an overcrowded metropolis.  It's a quandary, denizens, that has long standing roots.

I'm going to muck around in it for a while.  We'll see what the next ten days bring.

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  1. Ok, that got a chuckle out of me. Hope that's OK. Just better to be riding around on an ass that sitting on your own. Stay busy. Joy comes in doing things. And then allow a little time for reading the editorials and wallowing around in the Republican mess, and feeling superior that you are not that stupid. It works.


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