Monday, December 21, 2015

Five Days Before Christmas

These ornaments need hangers.
I could unfurl paperclips 
(in homage to Daddooooo's ingenuity)
and, perhaps, I will.
For now, I am dealing with this:
The remnants of my elfing to date.  
I am finished, having done as much as I can do.
I will pack up the Hanukkah stuff,
but I will leave the rest for any elves who might wander through between now and Thursday night.

I will take TBG to the outlet stores tomorrow; 
he will choose athletic wear which I will then purchase and wrap.
He'll lift and spin in perfect comfort, having chosen exactly what he wanted.

He'll do the same for me at my favorite local boutique,
sitting in the same comfy chair he occupies each year, 
selecting an I'd-never-buy-it-for-myself-sweater 
that I surprise myself by wearing everywhere for the next year.

There's not a lot of surprise,
and that's just fine with us.
This is the 27 year old paper plate angel made by Little Cuter.
I never looked at it without remembering our friends' basement,
the kids at little tables and big tables,
glue and glitter and sparkly paper everywhere.

The grown ups were upstairs,
but the fun and the really good snacks were in the basement.


  1. the bowl of ornaments is perfect, "as is."

    1. Apparently everyone agrees with you! And here I thought I was just being lazy all these years. THIS is what is so wonderful about The Burrow. I learned all my Xmas from my mother-in-law. She would have known that; I'm sure I never noticed it but it was there in her house. Since she's gone, I have to rely on you all to keep me honest. THANKS!

  2. I agree with dkzody. I love ornaments in bowls. I usually put a bunch of them in a bowl on our kitchen table. We now have a pub-style kitchen table and it feels weird to put the bowl of ornaments on the table without a tablecloth. Do you know how hard it is to find a square table cloth that is at least 85". I've been looking all over the place. :(

    STILL love the paper-plate angel. So creative. There has to be a way to save it. I'm off to Pinterest to find out.

    I have to laugh at the shopping at the outlets. I found a few workout pieces for myself at the Nike outlet and they were having 20% off the whole store, so I bought them and am having hubby wrap them for me. We try to do do surprises, but it's hard after being married for 15+ years. AND it's easier to get what I like then have to return something. I make it easier on my hubby this way. I think he prefers it 'cause he doesn't have to do that much shopping. This year, I did give him am Amazon wish list to choose from. He said it helped him out a lot.

    I'm off to Pinterest. Cya in a few hours. LOL. Love that site.

    Megan xxx

    1. I do not Pin. Therefore, I await your suggestion.... beyond putting it in a box and waiting for her to want it herself !!

    2. I pinned your picture of the bowl of ornaments to a board on my Pinterest. That's how much I liked it.

    3. Just saw this...... I am flattered <3

  3. Too bad I didn't know yesterday, I could have brought you a few hundred ornament hooks! Can't tell you how many times I've bought more only to find the last ones I bought later. Isn't that always the way?
    I also agree that a bowl of ornaments is a wonderful decoration and can spark some great conversations.


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