Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Four Days to Christmas - Consolidating My Gains

I drove up to Mesa/Gateway Airport this morning, picking up Big Cuter and meeting TBG at the Premium Outlet Mall near home for lunch four hours later.  It was peaceful in the car, listening to Pandora's Holiday Jazz channel and cruise controlling along at 6 miles above the speed limit.

The three cars racing one another outside Casa Grande were sitting sheepishly on the side of the road several miles after they zoomed past me.  The cavalcade of motorcycles flying giant American flags, flashing lights, accompanying a big white hearse and official cars with blinking Mars Bars on their roofs speeding by us in the other direction caused all of us to slow down, just a touch.

With those two exceptions, everyone was staying to the right, passing on the left, obeying the somewhat-expanded speed limit.  The sun was overhead, there was no breeze to speak of, and my boy was behind the wheel.

It was a lovely, lovely, morning.

We shopped for TBG, I did some last minute gift grabbing, and I came home to five packages awaiting.  This year's White House ornament (Calvin Coolidge's tree) along with snacks and treats and boxes for under our tree, taped and wrapped and filled with love.

Now Big Cuter is out with a friend, TBG is watching Monday Night Football, and I am eyeing the last few presents in need of wrapping.  I have four books to read, no more brownies to bake, and sunshine in the forecast.

Life is good.

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  1. Sounds great! We are transitioning into the real even around here now too. Preparations are coming to an end as the real thing is upon us. We entertained today, and it didn't rain. all is good.


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