Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Happy Hanukkah - Third Night

Two menorahs (menorot if you are being technical, but I'd lose nine tenths of my readers with that one).  Three candles on the right side of each candelabra... or, to be precise,  the right side if you are on the living room side of the ledge.  From the hallway side, it's the left.  

The candles were refusing to stand upright; would it be too much to ask for some standardization between receptacles and Chanukah tapers?  I come to this conclusion, albeit in this era of anti-big-government-and-regulation, after spending much too much time, in two separate hours of the day, encouraging the damn things to assume the position the candelabra was suggesting but not really insisting upon.  Nor was it helping the situation; the holes are uneven in both diameter and surfaces.

That little vial of oil didn't have these issues.  It just sat there, glowing, neither diminishing nor growing, just doing its job while the Jews did theirs.  The oil had it easier; the Jews had to do the heavy lifting, creating an ongoing supply.  I wonder if the ever-burning oil felt just a little smug.

I think I am anthropomorph-izing the whole thing just a little too much.   


  1. I loved the picture you had on Facebook. Who would have thought a menorah could love so beautiful.

    Megan xxx

  2. I'm not Jewish, so I'm just wondering. Is swearing over the Menorah allowed? :-)


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