Monday, June 8, 2015


The plane was at Gate K-1.

Then it wasn't.

The plane was at Gate K-2 (which is around the corner and down the hall).

Then it wasn't.

Then it was, but the crew wasn't.

Then they were there and we rushed on board to insure that one of the crew would not time out and be unable to fly any more consecutive hours.

I cannot believe how slowly people put their bags in the overhead compartment when they know we have only 12 minutes to board and push back from the gate.

Then we were ready to take off, but there were 5 planes ahead of us... and there was that time out issue... and we didn't relax until we were airborne, two and a half hours after our original departure time.

We bounced through bad weather all the way back to Tucson, landed safely, drove home, and saw our bed a little after 1 am.

So much for my post on .... anything.

I'll be back tomorrow, well rested, well exercised, and ready to share.

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