Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Snippet - It's June, and I'm Behind

I did remember my sister's birthday, but just barely.

I missed my first cousin's, but then I remembered that it was his father's birthday on the 6th, and his on the 10th, so I still have time to get in under the wire.... if I remember that he's on the east coast and three hours later.

But first, I'll write to you.

And that, denizens, has been the problem, this year and every year, with the month of June.  May holds the Cuters' birthdays and Mothers' Day and is otherwise uneventful.  But June.... I can find something or someone to celebrate on nearly every one of its thirty days.

There are cousins and nieces and friends and brothers with birthdays and anniversaries and weddings and graduations and most of these events recur year after year after year.

You'd think I'd have a system all set up.  I think I'd use it if I had it; the cards are neatly organized an arms length from where I type to you.  I like all these people.  I love celebrating.  Stationary is right up there with my Top Ten Things in Life.  And yet, here I am, with but three hours to go before I'm forced to wish My Cousin The Firefighter a belated happy birthday.

It's a mystery, denizens.  It's a mystery indeed.


  1. And with your post, you just reminded me that I forgot a friend's birthday on Saturday. He's a guy; so hopefully, he will not take it personally that I forgot. I usually don't, but since I've been in San Diego since last Friday, I completely forgot.

    I'm terrible at sending cards; so I usually just send an Email. I love stationery too. ;)

    Hope you are having a wonderful day.

    Megan xxx

    1. Some of the men in my life are the best correspondents I have (my Dad, my brother).


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