Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stanley Johnson's Mother

She was next to him as he was drafted; she "still has the lean face of an athlete," said TBG.

Who is she?

She's Karen Taylor, a Jackson State Hall of Fame basketball player who played professionally in Europe.  She raised the Detroit Pistons' 2015 number one draft pick on a steady diet of basketball, competition, and love.

She created and coached an AAU team for him at 5, and all the good lessons one can learn from sports were poured into him.

"Be there for your team when they need you" led to striving for perfection.

"Don't expect me to 'Mommy' you once we're in the gym" stoked the competitive spirit he'll bring to the NBA.

The practice interviews, the respect for the game, the knowledge that more work yields more rewards - these are parenting-from-your-strength skills worth knowing about.

I read the local sports pages every day; I'm TBG's lifeline for what Tucson is saying.  He spends an inordinate amount of time watching talking heads on tv.  We both watch lots of games.  If there is information to be had, one or the other of us has it.... yet this was news to us both.

Sports Illustrated found her.

How did Sean Miller not mention this... let alone Bill Walton?

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