Wednesday, February 11, 2015


THAT is the only photo I took the day I injured my thumb with stickers, and it was taken the next morning, after a visit to Walgreens.  Perhaps if I'd stopped to take a picture or two, my thumb would have survived in better shape. 

Since I was a slacker on Friday, on Monday I went back to Prince and asked the kids if they'd pose for my blog.  I asked them to decorate one another; once burned, twice shy was my motto. 

The joy is the same.... it's just a different day.
Enjoy the smiles!

Some were restrained, choosing carefully.
 Others couldn't get enough of a good thing.
 Three across the nose... a butterfly in the middle.... the friends took great care to create masterpieces.
 MORE! MORE! MORE! he cried.
 There was some initial skepticism....
 but the gang was as enthusiastic as elementary school kids can be when they are doing something wacky, with a grown-up's permission.
 Pals... silly together.
The girls were hard at work, decorating a friend:
 He was a willing subject... even when they started in on his hair.
They were especially proud of the moustache.
It never fails.
No matter how tired or grumpy I might be, after a few minutes on the Prince Playground, I am filled with smiles and joy.  Who knew that stickers were the ticket to a good time?


  1. Love this! Really cheered me up today. I'm sorry about you having to wear a splint. As you saw from my pix on Facebook, we are both experiencing hand/wrist injuries.

    Sending lots of hugs!

    Megan xxx

    1. Mine was only for 2 days, Megan.... I can't imagine coping with a young family and no opposable thumb!?!?!? :-(


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